Autograph Basketballs

Autogrpah basketball for collecting autographs and signatures. Each ball has a white colored panel.                Basktball teams use autograph basketballs so each player can sign the basketball. These balls are great for fundraising.                Dark colored autograph basketballs are made from synthetic leather. The minimum order quantity is 100 basketballs.

Personalized Autograph Basketballs
Synthetic leather basketball with white colored panel for autographs / signatures.


Autograph basketballs are popular for schools, basketball camps and corporate promotions.  The basketballs are manufactured from synthetic leather material.  Then we add a white colored panel for autographs / signatures. These basketballs are the same as our standard synthetic leather basketballs, except we add the white colored panel.  Basketball teams and camps give out these balls so players can gather the signatures from fellow teammates or famous athletes.

Pricing includes a one-color logo.  You can see in the examples above that we printed our customer’s logo in the middle of the white panel.  That helps to make the logo stand out.  We can print your logo onto any panel.  Some organizations will have a sponsor for their balls.  We print the organization’s logo onto one side and the sponsor’s logo onto the opposite side.  There is a separate set-up charge for each different logo panel.  We can print the same logo onto opposite sides for no additional charge.

If you have a large team, we can add an additional white colored panel.  Double panels allow for more signatures to be collected. Send us your logo for a free virtual sample.

One-color logo included. Opposite side printing of the same logo is free.

BBS-79.5” Official Men’s Basketball  (29.5”)21.5821.2520.8320.4220.0018.67
BBS-69″ Intermediate Women’s Basketball (28.5”)21.5021.1719.9219.5018.8318.17
BBS-37″ Mini Basketball (22”)17.5016.6716.2515.8315.4215.00

Minimum Order:  100 basketballs

We offer two styles of decoration:  Deboss color-fill on brown panel or screen printing.  Each ball has eight panels.

Screen Set-up Charge:  $120.00 per logo.
Screen Run Charge for additional colors:   $0.25 per color/ ball.  $1.00 for full color process.

Debossing Set-up Charge:  $250.00 per logo.
Debossing Run Charge for additional colors:   $0.25 per color/ball.  Maximum of 4-6 colors.

Pantone Color Matching:  FREE
Virtual Sample:
Lead Time:  95 days
Packing:  25 deflated balls per shipping box.
Origin:  Los Angeles, CA

Send an email to request a virtual sample or to place an order.  Our email address is