Basketball Camps

Basketballs for Basketball Camps

We work with many basketball camps to provide personalized basketballs. We offer 2-ply rubber basketballs and synthetic leather basketballs. We can customize the basketball to your specifications.

Rubber basketballs are very popular for basketball camps.  Many camps will order the official size BBR-7 and the intermediate size BBR-6. They provide a basketball to each camper.

Let’s look at some examples:

Rubber Basketballs for Basketball Camps

Rubber basketball with baskeball camp logo.Basketballs can be printed across double panels.

Lead-time:  90 days
Minimum order:  100 basketballs
Pricing:  See Pricing
Opposite side printing of the same logo is free.

BBR-7         9.5″ Official (29.5″)
BBR-6         9″ Intermediate (28.5″)
BBR-5         8.5″ Junior Basketball
BBR-3         7″ Mini Basketball
BBR-2         5″ Kids Basketball
BBR-1         4″ Micro Basketball

Rubber basketballs can be completely personalized.  You choose the panel colors, the seam colors and the logo colors.  Multi-colored logo printing is included.  All artwork should be sent in vector format.  Printing over one panel or two panels is the same price.

Rubber basketball with opposite side printing for basketball camps.

Some customers will have sponsors for their basketball camp.  We can add sponsor logos to the ball.  Each different logo panel is $120.00.  Soliciting
sponsors is a great way to offset the cost of the basketballs.  It also generates a relationship between your basketball camp and the sponsor.

Synthetic Leather Basketballs for Basketball Camps

Dark colored synthetic leather basketball for basketball camps.Personalized synthetic leather basketball for basketball camps.

Lead-time:  95 days
Minimum order:  100 basketballs
Pricing:  See Pricing
Opposite side printing of the same logo is free.

BBS-7         9.5″ Official (29.5″)
BBS-6         9″ Intermediate (28.5″)
BBS-3         7″ Mini Basketball

Synthetic leather basketballs are best suited for indoor play.  These synthetic leather basketballs are the choice for indoor basketball camps.
We can debossed your logo into the synthetic leather material or we can print your logo.  Debossed logos have a little indentation into the synthetic leather material.  Printed logos are printed over the material. Usually, we can offer dark colored or standard orange colored basketballs.

Send us your logo so we may create a free virtual sample.